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Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Life Experience

In 2006 i was in college and completing my graduation. So we planned a college trip to Goa. In a group of 15 person we start out journey to Goa. We board a train to Goa and after passing a long time we reached at Madgaon in Goa. We drop our train and board a bus to hotel. We saw beautiful beaches and historical places of Goa. After 5 days i board a train to Mumbai to saw the Mumbai. I was very impressed after viewing Goa beaches. So i thinked that Mumbai beaches were also beautiful. After 12 hours i was in Mumbai.
I board a room in hotel. After taking rest i start journey to view Mumbai "The Business Capital of India" but i was depressed after viewing Mumbai beaches. Due to pollution Sea creatures was dead and thousands of dead Fishes was on Juhu Beach. I reached at Chowpati but there was a big garbage in Sea. Sewage smell was full in air.

In depressed mood i came back to my hotel and start again my journey to my native place. when i return i saw some Cops stopping the vehicles and charging some illegal money to them. I felt shame on them and thing are we free citizens of this country.

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  1. There is no rules& regulation in your country. No body taking care for these activities. I ashamed on this those peoples who behaving like this.