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Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Accident

On 29th June 2011 a ring ceremony of my friend was fixed. So I prepared at home and came out to attend the function. I was standing at the Auto Stand and waiting for an auto. A Cop was sitting nearer to me at the chair. He was challenged the vehicles who are wrong. So a Bus of Madhya Pradesh Roadways stopped nearer to me that was stopped by that police man. The Driver and conductor of the bus came out and ask the reason for stopping the bus. Police man asks to check me out the registration papers of the bus. Some papers were incomplete.

He kept his challan book and picked his pen to issue a challan. The bus driver blamed him that his bus was another state registration so he challaned that. But police man said that your papers are incomplete. But he starts arguing with him. So he said picked up this challan book and see is there is no challan of the similar states vehicles. Conductor of the bus doesn’t know what wrong was with him. He fell down on the road and another bus was coming from another side. Driver of the bus use the brake to stop the bus. And the police man ran to picked him up. He picked him through the arm and asked him what happen. He told I don’t know. The bus’s conductor came out and said “Do you want to suicide, if you want then go and find some else. If you died under my bus then this driver claimed on me that I strucked him and I lost my job and face so many situations. The police man said that I don’t want to issue any challan to you collect your papers and ran away. Because if this guy died under this bus then you claimed that I pushed him so he fell down.

This whole situation was true because the distance between his head and the bus tyre was 10cms. The police man gave some water to him and said sit here and gets it. When he was relaxed he asked what happened with you. The conductor told him that his feet was slipped and nothing else. After a few minute I also start my journey and reached at my friends function.


  1. us police wale ko itna time nahi lagana tha registration ke paper check karne me...