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Monday, July 11, 2011

Roti Kapda Aur Makaan

These are the basic needs of a human. Without these three things a life can’t be imagined. In whole world every one struggle to complete these basic needs. But somehow these needs convert in to the luxury and these three things make some horrible situations. Here these are only three words but in a men’s life not a word it's mean life. A rich person also struggles for these things but he want some luxurious.

Now in these days some economic crises are faced by every family. Prices of the products are raised but all things are needed to survive. A person now dies his/her heart to purchase a thing. Inflation is a problem among the world. Every country facing this problem. We have faced two world wars. But those have some causes i.e. “Showing-off Power, Raw Material” between European countries. So many people’s die without any cause. Second World War starts due to Economic crashes in the European countries. Every country want his market place to sold-out their products. So they all starts to fight for more raw material. Some other causes were also responsible for those wars.

But for the personal reasons they divide entire world into two pieces and so many people’s dies without any cause. But now I think a third world war will start. Now all the reasons of the war are showing i.e. Inflation, Power and Market Crash. But I have a solution to save lives. If we all start to save and expend only those which are very needful then these problem can be solved. For an example if we borrow a bus and that is suitable to us then there is no need to buy a luxur car. If your life’s happy you go to hotel an motel then you can visit there once a while in a month. Because that saving can expand on another things. So please my dear friends think about this problem and sav lifes. Who knows a step by you save a millions life.

A movie over the topic can’t solve any problem. That is a style to promote business. Many politicians comment over many topics but they can’t solve your problems. These problems can be solves by us because we can change the world. I, you and we make the country and world and these problems main reason is we.

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  1. Mile jo gam tumhe dard kahi aur hoga,
    Haso jo tum khush koi aur hoga,
    A khuda taklif mat dena mere 'DOST' ko,
    Qki agar roya jo dil uska to zakhm kahi aur hoga.